Just Write.

Tabula is a distraction free writing app for macOS and iOS which automatically formats your text as you write. Tabula lets you focus on honing your words, instead of fiddling with formatting menus.

So once you're done writing, you're done.

Automatic Formatting

Tabula uses intelligent algorithms and grammars based on natural composition to understand the way you've laid out the page and style it automatically. There's no markup or special syntax unless you prefer it.

It can handle lots of different writing styles, from blog posts to class notes to shopping lists to quarterly reports.

Beautiful Text

Tabula wraps text into themes for various tones and moods. Since they're all designed by hand, they all look great.

Each theme is adaptive to changes in screen and paper size, so they look great and read comfortably wherever you take them.

Start Here, Finish There

With iCloud Drive, your documents are shared between all your devices. So you can start a document on the train, and finish it when you get home.


Tabula was unlisted from the macOS and iOS app stores in May of 2020. Source code can be made availiable to interested parties by request.